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In addition to our GoFundMe donations - we have received $1.1 million through private donors.  If you wish to donate privately, please contact us.

We are ‘PLAN B’ - The ARC (Afghan Rescue Crew)

The ARC is a private group of dedicated American Veterans and civilians volunteering to save as many vetted, AT-RISK Afghan allies (and Americans) left behind in Afghanistan as we can. 


We have already successfully rescued hundreds and gotten them to third countries safety. Even as things become increasingly dangerous and challenging, we continue to try to save as many as humanly possible.

We have a massive list of thousands of AT-RISK Afghan allies in our system. We also have proven and trusted assets and networks inside and outside the country working together to accomplish the mission.


We operate independently of the U.S. government. We believe Americans represent the values of our great country, and we will continue to fight for our loyal friends and allies left behind and desperately trying to flee Taliban and ISIS terror.

Please help us by donating now. We are ALL volunteers. Every dollar goes to help rescue people trapped and in danger in Afghanistan - right now.

Thank you!

Jean Marie Thrower

Chris Kline

International Director


Afghan Rescue Crew Fundraising Effort


Please join us in supporting our Plan B - Afghan Rescue Crew (ARC) to help those trapped in Afghanistan flee to safety.

All proceeds go to rescue efforts.