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The Dream Still Matters

ARC Mission

The support of all aspects and placement of qualified refugees in well paying and fulfilling jobs within the manufacturing

industry in the United States.


Success Starts Here

This perfect partnership between humanitarian and manufacturing sectors is a win for America. ARC has extensive skills, past performance and the network to successfully and quickly place qualified refugees from countries like Ukraine and Afghanistan into excellent jobs where there is a shortage of candidates.

ARC has access and know how into manufacturing regions job entry process and state by state training programs as well as access to refugee list of available candidates and matching them up with past job experience to skill transfer jobs in the manufacturing industry. ARC has extensive placement networks to coordinate with thousand of plants needing and seeking workers. 

Support and Training

Soft skills, placement sensitive communication skills, and more...

Interview and resume support
Coaching and mentoring
Skilled and non-skilled training


American Rescue Crew has extensive experience within the manufacturing industry and can bring to bare the Network and Relationships to place people successfully with our special program.

Please Remember

Thousands are still trapped or in a third country waiting for evacuations to a final NATO allied country. Many of these families have lost everything to escape and restart their lives.

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