Due to the overwhelming numbers of individuals seeking assistance, response to email inquiries may take several days. We understand for some, the situation may be dire. Please inquire with several agencies and groups for help. Thank you.



1) Contact us if you or someone you know was left behind and still in Afghanistan. 


2) Contact us to help an Afghan or family who are now out of their country. Some have made it to the United States while others are in foreign countries and need assistance to settle or continue their Journey. Can you provide assistance with...

  • Basic needs, care packages

  • Food and housing

  • Cell phone(s)

  • Discretionary money

  • Transit visas

  • Religious persecution

  • Navigating resources in a new country

There are a host of new challenges these individuals and families face. The list of ways you can help grows by the hour. Leaving Afghanistan may have saved them today, but their plight is not over. Contact us to learn how you can provide assistance today!

Message sent! Will are processing requests daily.